I “had” to go shopping…

May 19, 2010

4/18/10            I finally had to go shopping for new work clothes… the fact that items were falling off of me was just making me look sloppy.  I realized that with parent meetings fast approaching, I need to have clothes that look professional.  The workouts continue to go well but I have seemed to stall a bit on my weightloss.  I am still dropping but it has slowed to 1-2 pounds a week… I keep trying to remember how far I have come but it still is hard to watch things slow up… I guess I just have to keep at it!

 4/23/10            This week has been INCREDIBLY busy… even with my busy life, it has been more hectic that usual.  The students that I work with have their progress measured by what is called an “Individual Educational Plan” (IEP).  This allows teachers to meet with parents and to review the goals that were set the previous year and set new goals for the upcoming year.  Because our students live on campus, we set aside one week in the year in which there are simultaneous meetings scheduled for 4 days straight from 8:30-10:30, 11-1, and 2-4!  During those 3 time slots, we conduct approximately 15-20 meetings in various places around campus.  As an administrator, this week involves me preparing all of the paperwork for these meetings as I am unable to attend all at the same time.  Needless to say, I have had several work days of 12-15 hours each!  Once I get through next week, life will be better.

4/26/10            Today has been a whirlwind day.  In addition, it allowed me to take a break from all the work focus that has been going on.  In preparation for the “Women of Diablo Valley” magazine reception, my day was busy with appointments.

It started this morning with my appointment with Dr. Scott Pope!  I will admit, I avoid the dentist like the plague.  I went to the dentist before my Peace Corps service (because it was required) and I went at the end of my service (again, because it was required), but other than that… I try to avoid them.  It is one of those situations where you envision in your mind that it will be worse than it is.  To have Dr. Pope check my teeth (one cavity) and be able to fix it so I know that my teeth have no cavities now, is such a blessing.  But, on top of that, Dr. Pope is going to fix my lower teeth and upper teeth gaps with Invisalign.  I am SOOOO super excited!  Understand, my gap never bothered me signifigantly… it was simply more of a pain in the butt to remember to wear my retainer every night.  My retainer is the same one I have had since I was 15 years old… so to get the news that I was going to be given the gift of “adult” retainers… well, it was so exciting.

After I finished that I headed over to the Changes Salon where I was done up!  I was talking with Christina (who does my hair) and I realized that while the heads of the organizations are the ones doing the donating to the prizes, it is the direct people who have worked with me that I wanted to be sure to recognize.  They include Christina (who has been a great hairstylist), Khrys (who has done my makeup and all my facial work), and Christine (who has done my nails), and of course my amazing coach Laura (with Corequest) who has been up every morning with us kicking our butts at 5:30am.  I just wanted to make sure they got recognized as well.

After getting all done up I got to head over to Jim Fidelibus for my “after” picture.  This was much more fun as I actually got to wear a fun outfit that I liked and we did shots outside (which I always feel are more natural than indoor shots).  I have not gotten a chance to see the pictures yet but I do hope the come out well.

After all the pictures my mom, sis and I headed to the Claremont in Oakland for the “Women of Diablo Valley” reception.  I have to admit, as much as they have made me over… I am still not entirely comfortable at large gatherings.  However, it was nice to have my support team there.  The food was amazing and my favorite was the Mashed Potato Martini Bar… LOL!  The reception benefitted Kristi Yamaguchi’s “Always Dream” foundation which I was familiar with because her foundation build the fully accessible park across the street from our school at the central park in Fremont.  Parks like this allow students with different physical abilities to play together.  While I did not get a chance to personally meet Kristi, I did get to meet and chat with her sister which was lovely.  I also got to see the ad in DiabloValley Magazine with the picture that was taken at the last photo shoot.  A great day to relax me for the upcoming week ahead.

4/28/10            Camala is always talking about Kharma and how things align for a reason… and I had a funny story about that.  I posted pictures from the Diablo Reception on my facebook page and I had a friend respond.  Even though I consider myself relatively intelligent, sometimes I don’t always put things together.  Case in point- my realtor (who I am friends with and have known for 4 years) is named Greg Pope.  My dentist is Dr. Scott Pope… my thought “oh, how interesting, my dentist and realtor have the same name”… until my realtor Greg contacted me to ask if I noticed how much he looked like my dentist… LOL!!!  turns out that Dr. Scott Pope is the older brother of my Realtor, Greg Pope!  Go figure… what a funny small world!

4/29/10            Today I had all my difficult meetings.  During most of my work existance, I feel like a teacher who has just been thrown in the role of administrator.  I prefer to work with the students and standing up and making decisions that may be unpopular is not a strongsuit of mine. However, during meetings today, I had to do just that.  Of course, it was not something I was overly comfortable with but at the same time, I also survived and realized that I do have the skills and abilities to make the hard decisions and stand by them.

5/7/10              Today is my 33rd birthday and I haven’t been in this good of shape in a long time… I am looking forward to the celebration tomorrow.  For my birthday, I wanted to spend time with my nephew and my family and I are going to do just that…. tomorrow is a day at the Oakland Zoo followed by a family dinner with some close friends… just what I need at this point.

5/8/10              The zoo was so fun today!  Spending time with my nephew is probably my favorite thing in the world to do and getting to watch him enjoy himself and grow and explore is just amazing.

5/11/10            One thing I am getting better at is setting my limits and taking care of myself.  Yesterday was a really trying day at work and when I got to the end I just couldn’t face the next day… I was getting anxious and feeling a pounding headache… so I took a personal mental health day.  While I readily admit I am a work-a-holic, being able to know when I need to re-energize myself is a good skill I am learning.


Everything happens for a reason…

April 20, 2010

3/12/10-  I met with Camala tonight after my face peel.  We discussed many things but one of the things that I latched onto was the concept of “Kharmac Signifigance” or “SyncroDestiny”.  <<Hear Deepak Chopra on SynchroDestiny>> It is kind of hard for me to explain simply… but I have never been a huge fan of the concept of coincidence.  I don’t know if it is my spiritual beliefs, but I have always held firm to the idea that things happen for a reason.    You may not know the reason at the time, but there will always be a reason to everything.  A “master plan” if you will.  Well, Camala and I were discussing this because several things happened to me after our previous meeting.  During that meeting we had been discussing relationships and, the day after that, the older sister of an ex-boyfriend that we had been discussing walked into the salon while I was getting my nails done.  In addition, we had discussed “tapping” as a stress reducing technique and that week I had seen a news report on how tapping was used for children in behavioral modification.  So it was as if everything was aligning for me to see what we had been discussing.

The other things we talked about were stress reduction (which, I’ll admit, is not something I am good at… I’m pretty high strung) and also leadership styles.  She is going to have me take the “strengths in leadership” quiz to see if I can’t determine my leadership style.

3/14/10-  Well, I took the strengths in leadership quiz and I was not surprised to find out that my strengths lie in the domain of “relationship building”.  To back up, the book discusses that there are 4 types of leadership and no one can be good at all of them.  The goal is to develop a TEAM of people who have strenghts in different areas.  The areas are “executing, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking”.  Within each area there are several subcategories of relative strengths.  I found that out of my top 5, 4 of them were from relationship building.  My strengths are

Your Top Five Clifton StrengthsFinder Themes

Executing–  Consistency

Relationship Building– Empathy, Harmony, Developer, Connectedness

I suppose I wish I were a TAD bit more well rounded… but I guess it is good to know I have strengths in certain areas

3/17/10-  Today, our coach Laura was not able to come to workout this morning so the head of Corequest, Liesbett, came to train us.  I felt like I was right back at day one.  I know I have gotten stronger and I know that I have lost weight, but it sure didn’t feel like that.

3/18/10-  I literally cannot walk today.  I don’t know if workout over did it or what but I am back on advil and treading VERY carefully as to not put myself in excrutiating amounts of pain…. sigh!

3/19/10-  Tonight I get to hang out with my nephew.  That is probably my favorite thing in the world to do.  Tomorrow I am meeting up with Carolyn Rovener, personal stylist, to go shopping for clothes for my after photo.  I am a bit nervous about it because, even though I have lost close to 20 pounds, I am still in plus size… which makes shopping for clothes (especially in high end places like Broadway Plaza) a bit difficult.  But helping my mom babysit my nephew tonight does make the stress go down.

3/20/10-  Ok, today was amazing and so overwhelming at the same time.  I met up with Carolyn at Broadway Plaza at 10am.  She was so great and let my mom and sister come along for the experience.  We started out at Foot Candy shoe store where I got to pick out a pair of shoes.  Carolyn introduced me to “nude” shoes (basically, most neutral color you can get).  I never would have picked anything like that out but they were GORGEOUS!!  Only problem is they are a little too narrow and too high so we are going to “borrow” them for the after shoot.  I really love them but picked out other ones to keep. The pair I got to keep are equally as beautiful.  I really wanted gray shoes and these are very close.  They are by bettye muller and they are fabric with a black and white print. 

The Foot Candy store was not open when we arrived but Carolyn knew the people so we got a “private” shopping time.  The store is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I would have been intimidated had I not been with a shopper but it was an amazing experience.  We then went to nordstrom (no luck on clothes… but got a new bra fitted), Coldwater creek (which has always been one of my favorite stores… where I got a CUTE yellow jacket) and Macy’s (where I found the thing I wanted for the day… a perfect “little black dress”- and the dress we will use for the after photo shoot). 

While everything we bought was amazing (my favorites are actually my more casual items- so it is too bad I can’t wear jeans to the wedding I am going to today… smile), more than that was the experience.  I went into stores I would have NEVER ventured into on my own and I learned a lot about my clothing style (or previous lack thereof) and how to make things work for the frame I have.

Lastly, as if the day wasn’t indulgent enough, I could not get the neutral kate spade shoes out of my head… so I spent a good amount of time on Zappo’s last night (where I love to shop because you can shop by shoe size and width) and found some pairs of nude pumps with lower heels than the kate spade ones and ordered them… so hopefully I will have a great set of these new shoes I learned about soon.

Tomorrow is my after shoot.  A long day filled with beauty, makeover, dental treatments, and a photo shoot… I took the day off work (a huge blessing in itself) and I am very much looking forward to it.

3/26/10-           This week has been busy and tonight capped it off with a long night at work.  The international studies class that I work with will be leaving for Spain next week and this was their final fundraising night.  The kids ran the show and did a great job at it.    While my role is to provide extra support to my students with special needs that are going,  my students have proven to be more than capable of handling themselves on the trip.  I look forward to the experiences that this will bring them.

3/31/10-           Today I had a meeting at work which was filled with contention on all sides.  On the part of my school, on the part of the school district, and on the part of the family of this student.  All sides have been involved in the legalities of the case for so long that it has become less about the child and more about winning.  This is the part of education that I abhore!!!  Those in administration often get so caught up in the legalities and policies that they forget that the true meaning about education is the child that is entrusted to them… for, without the student, there would not be a need for educators in the first place.

4/1/10-  It is very early AM as I write this (1am to be exact)… I am meeting the students at school at 2am to go to the airport and I figured that I would rather stay awake to do my best to get over jet lag than to get some sleep tonight.  I am filled with excitement and cannot wait to see what the trip will hold… but I probably wont blog until I get back.

4/13/10-  We landed on Sunday night but I have been so wrought with jetlag that it has taken a few days to get over it.  The trip was wonderful for the students involved and it was great to see my students experience things they had not before with wide eyed wonder (one student had not been to an airport before and was amazed by all the “little things” such as the automatic soap dispensers, and the people movers on the floor.

While on the trip I read the book “reinventing the body, ressurecting the soul” by Deepak Chopra that Camala asked me to read.  Haven’t gotten a chance to discuss or process the book since getting back but did enjoy it.  I also learned on the trip that buffet eating is not my friend!  Smile…luckily we spent so much time moving and walking that I didn’t do TOO much damage to my diet.

Upon coming back I have finally started to see a change in my physical body.  My work clothes are falling off but I haven’t had much time to go shopping.  In addition, I was finally able to buy my first shirt that was not plus sized (that was HUGE for me).

This past week I lost 6 pounds (I think that was rebound for the fact that I had put on two pounds in Spain)… so my loss is 24.4 pounds total.  My next goal is to hit my 30 pound mark so hopefully in the next week or two!


Life has been super crazy…

March 9, 2010

3/6/10-  I haven’t blogged much in the past two weeks because life has been super crazy.  Between work, boot camp, and other meetings related to deserves changes, I have been leaving my home each morning at 4:45am and not getting home until after 8pm each evening.    Last weekend I met with Camala for life coaching and then spent the night on my sister’s couch to come back to the Changes Salon & Day Spa on Saturday morning for the beginning of my makeover.  The morning was super relaxing but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  On Friday night, Camala and I were discussing previous relationships that I had been hurt by and how to move on from those.  Well, on Saturday morning at the salon, I ran into the sister of an old boyfriend who had hurt me very badly.  The reason that this was so ironic is that I had not seen this sister in almost 10 years!    It was a very signifigant reminder to help me move on.

I was able to get my hair colored as well as a facial and manicure.   Changes Salon & Day spa is so relaxing.  The first thing when I went in was a steam room.  Between each appointment, I was able to relax in their “relaxation room” which as a full wall made of water.  It is, quite possibly, my favorite place there.

After the salon day  I went to a bridal shower for a good friend and had an amazing time.  On Sunday, I began the demolition of my bathroom.  As I mentioned before, I am a severe DIY’er.  We ripped out the old counter.  It did a number on my manicure but luckily I had touch up paint.

This past week has, again, been insanely busy.  One high point related to changes was that I was contacted by Louis and Carla who run the Hikari Dojo.  I am really looking forward to learning martial arts but they are located in Martinez and I just could not figure out how I would find any more hours in the day to fit anything else in.  Luckily, Louis was very understanding and I will train with them in the summer when I have more free time to focus on that.

I weighed myself this evening and I lost 4 pounds in the past week.  This was great considering the week prior I had only lost .2 pounds.  But now I am at a total of 14 pounds.  I am going shopping for clothing for my “after picture” soon but I am hoping that I can get just one outfit as I am still loosing weight and it would be a shame to buy an outfit only to have it too big a month later.  But I am still plugging away (have not missed a day of boot camp since I started Feb 1st) and I am off to bed because that is pretty much what I have time to do when I am home… smile


The Rock of Inspiration

February 24, 2010

2/19/10-  This morning I was quite honored to have gotten the “rock of inspiration” from my fitness XL group.  Each morning we vote (silently) on the person who helped inspire us and keep us motivated and then the rock is given to the winner on Friday.  This Friday I had several issues pop up at work and I knew I would need to be there by 7am to get them taken care of (normally I get to work between 7:15-7:20 when the workout is done) so I had to run just as the workout was finishing (but before we got to cooldown and stretch) so it was neat to have the coach hand it to me to on the way out.

After a very long day at work, I met with Camala after work.  Camala is my TriKaya life coach and the two of us met to discuss what personal issues I would like to work on.   Thinking about this,  I realized I would like to be more outgoing and confident in social situations.  Many of my friends say I am perfectly social but most of it is a facade.  A facade in the fact that I CAN be social but it is very socially taxing for me and I do not enjoy it much.  Camala and I discussed how some of the goals I have for my career life will involve networking and just becoming more comfortable in my skin will help me both personally and professionally.

One thing that Camala mentioned to me was to think about when I started to become more introverted.   I couldn’t pinpoint it as I was truly an extrovert growing up.  So, when I was coming home, I called my mom and asked if she could pinpoint an event.  She said my personality definitely became more introverted during a particularly controlling relationship (as in I was controlled/emotionally abused by my signifigant other) I had had. 

As Camala and I talked, one thing came up that I have been thinking about this weekend.  She asked if I had problems when people didn’t “value” me.   I told her I had gotten to a point in my life where I didn’t much care if people liked me or not.  She said “Ryan, liking and valueing are two different things”.  At the time I didn’t quite understand what she meant, but the more and more I thought about it, the more I realized what she had meant.  The relationships (romantic and platonic friendships) that I have been most hurt by and the ones I have had the hardest time getting over, are the ones in which I felt the other person did not value me as a person or did not value the relationship that we had.  Something more to examine in the weeks coming.

2/20/10-   I spent today with my mom and nephew and we went to the park today.  At the toddler park, all of the activities (toys, swings, etc) were at the height of young children.  My nephew and I were on the teeter totter with my mom helping him.  Of course, because my nephew is so little, it was pretty much up to auntie ryan to operate both the “teeter” as well as the “totter”.  Its a good thing I have been doing squats lately because that is pretty much all it was.   And I had to squat low to get him to go up.   It did come to my mind that I would probably be more inclined to do more squats if my nephew was on the other end of the workout machine… smile

2/21/10- Today was weigh in day.  I have lost another 2.6 pounds this week which puts me at 9.8 pounds total lost since Jan 31st!  Whoo hoooo!!


In Ryan’s World

February 19, 2010

February 2010

1/27/10-  Camala from Changes Salon & Day Spa called me today and let me know that I won the Deserves Changes competition.  I was in complete shock.  After meeting all of the finalists at the reception, I really didn’t think I would win…. but I was so excited to learn that I did.  She asked that I not tell anyone except mom and Erin until she was able to notify all of the finalists and of course, they were both thrilled.  Not quite sure what is coming up but I’m open for the ride.

1/28/10-  Wow!!!  I have never gotten so many phone calls in one day in my life!!!  When I go to work in the morning, my routine is to put my personal cell phone/pager away and get my work pager.  My personal phone stays in my purse until I am ready to go home at 4:30/5pm and then I plug my work pager back in and get my personal phone out.

I had congratulatory messages from several of the partners and several requests for appointments.  There was a call from Liesbet who runs CoreFitness, Linda Michaelis, who is the nutritionalist, James Fidelibus, who is the photographer, and John Muir Women’s Health Center.  I spoke with all of them and made appointments for my physical fitness assessment (Saturday), appointment with the nutritionist (Wednesday), the photographer (Wednesday) and the women’s health center (a week from wednesday).  Looks like this is going to be a very busy process.

1/31/10-  I met with Tim this morning who is one of the head coaches for CoreQuest.  He basically had me do lots of squats and  checked out to make sure I was doing them properly.  The funniest part was that (apparently) I have very good form (which is hysterical as I have never done anything athletic in my life).  He said I would be very good and dead weightlifting (the kind you see in the olympics where they lift the heavy weights from the floor and press them up and over their heads).  I only find this funny because these weightlifters tend to have stockier, muscular builds.  Nothing wrong with that, but I’m trying to lose weight, not bulk up.

Initially, didn’t seem like we were doing too much work but later in the afternoon I could really start to feel my muscles stiffen up and get sore.  Guess I was actually working out muscles I didn’t know I had!  But it did clear me to start the fitness program on Monday.  CoreQuest runs a special program called FitnessXL for people that need to lose more than 50 pounds.  Kind of like a “Biggest Loser” program.  Should be a great fit for me… even if getting up at 4:45am is going to be rough.  I decided that Sunday would be my “weigh in” date.  Starting weight, 230lbs.

2/1/10- I started the fitness program this morning.  It was rough as I was INCREDIBLY sore from my workout with Tim yesterday.  And, wouldn’t you know it, Monday is the leg workout day.  However, I did end up feeling better after the workout cause it allowed my muscles to loosen up. 

2/2/10- This early morning fitness is going to be interesting in that I could not stay awake last night past 9:30pm.  Working two nights a week until 9pm one night and 10pm the other night… I am pretty much going to be coming home and crashing… but it was nice not having to toss and turn before bed (I conked out almost instantly)

2/3/10- I had my my before picture taken today.  Carolyn Rovner of C2Style  met me at the photography studio.  The photographer, James Fidelibus, asked me to bring a solid color shirt but to just “come as I was”.  I brought ever solid colored shirt that I owned and a pair of jeans.  Coming after work I looked pretty much like I do at the end of every work day.  Normally I would “glam it up” for a photograph but they wanted the “real me” which is pretty much how I looked.  After having the before picture taken, I met with the nutritionalist on the way home (trying to fit in all these appointments around both my jobs is a bit stressful… so if I can back appointments into each other, I try to).  I had kept a log of everything that I had eaten for the past week so I was able to review that.  After looking over my logs, Linda let me know that I was severely lacking in protein.  In fact, of the 6 days I had kept logs for, there were 3 days with absolutely no protein at all!!!  So, my goal for this week is to eat more protein.

2/6/10- I have never enjoyed sleeping in so much in my life!  Ironic part is that now that I am waking up at 4:45am, sleeping in meant getting up at 7:00am!!!  Of course, having gone to bed last night at 9:30, this was still a good amount of sleep!

2/7/10- Weighed in today… current weight 226lbs!  4 pounds down.

2/8/10- While I think that Monday mornings are always going to be harder to get up for, the work out this morning was better than last week.  I think the initial soreness that was so rough last week is gone.  One hurdle down.

2/10/10- This morning I had my heart screening at the John Muir Women’s Health Center.  It was a very thorough appointment and I got a lot of good information.  Going into the appointment, I was most worried about finding out I might have been pre-diabetic (my father has type II diabetes and I know it is related to carrying weight) or that I had some sort of artery clogs.

After going through several tests (including on the treadmill and having my blood pressure taken pre and post treadmill from all 4 extremities- both arms as well as both lower legs) I was happy to find out I did not have any clogged arteries and my fasting blood sugar showed that I was not pre-diabetic.

However, my blood pressure is higher than I expected (I have always had very low blood pressure so the fact that it was higher bothered me), and I found out I was pre-hypertensive.  While my cholesteral is ok, I need to work on stress reducing techniques to lower my blood pressure.  I am confident that my raised blood pressure is due to work related stress but I need to figure out how to deal with that if I want to keep myself healthy.

2/13/10-  My mom and I went out to lunch today. For those who know me, I am a complete DIY’er- Aholic!  My friend once said I should go into recovery for it.  My latest project (which has been ongoing) is to redo my bathroom.  The vessel sink and faucet arrived so mom and I had a day to take stock of where I was and get prepared to rip out the old sink and retile.  While she was down we went to one of my favorite restaurants, the Market Broiler in Fremont!  It is an AMAZING seafood place and I had a miso glazed halibut with double helpings of vegetables.  I realized that some temptations I am just not ready to deal with, so I just asked the waitress not to bring the bread to the table.  While I am not great about cooking vegetables at home, when they are prepared at a restaurant, I actually really like them.

2/14/10- Today there were two big things.  I got an elliptical machine on craigslist so I can work out at home.  I love the workouts at CoreQuest and my coach Laura is amazing, I want to also work on more general cardio to burn calories.  I am not home all that often but it will be great for weekends.

In addition, I had a great food lesson!  For valentines day, my sister, bro-in-law, his family, along with me and my mom, went to dinner.  I knew I wanted fish (was still thinking about the Market Broiler fish from the other day).  There was a lemon herb crusted fish and a Cajun crusted fish.  I asked the waitress for her opinion and she said the lemon herb fish.  It was good and at the end of the meal, with the dessert menu (ironically), there was a calorie menu for everything.  I looked and the difference between   the Cajun fish and the Lemon fish and there was a 180 calorie difference (the Cajun was 800 calories and the Lemon was 620 calories).  I would never have thought that a different spice would have made such a difference but I was glad the waitress recommended what she did.

2/15/10- Today was hard to wake up for workout because I didn’t have work today… and getting up at 4:45 on a day I could sleep in was hard.  But, I have to remember that I always do feel better after the workout.  Plus, there is a woman in my class who is an inspiration for me!  She started in the FitnessXL class 5 weeks prior to me (in the first session).  In the 5 weeks that she was there, she did not miss a single day!  Even when she was sick, she came and worked out!  So, my personal goal, is to be just like this woman… I don’t want to miss a single day!  Today was the first day of week 3… so three more to go!


And the Winner is…

February 16, 2010

Nominated by her sister Erin

Ryan Paulsen!

My sister Ryanne is the one woman who is completely deserving of changes. She is the principal of the special needs middle school at the Fremont School for the Deaf. At the age of 32, she has worked with developmentally disabled children and adults since she was 8 years old. She worked her way up from camp counselor to director of a camp for special needs children at the age of 24. She is beloved by the students, parents, and faculty alike at her current school. She not only works with developmentally disabled deaf students, she loves and is devoted to improving their lives.  She works long days and on the weekends to make sure that they have the curriculum they need to go out into the world as productive members of society. To say she is dedicated is an understatement.  Her idea of taking a break from the constantly demanding career she has chosen was to dive into the Peace Corps.  She spent two years (from age 28-30), working with developmentally disabled students at a school in the Middle East. The difference she made there was amazing. She taught them how to use equipment that went unused because they didn’t know what to do with it. Students that sat in the corner with no interaction were brought into the mainstream of the classes and engaged. Her love for these children is infectious. She is a devoted aunt to my son, teaching him baby sign language among other things. She doesn’t spend any time or money on pampering herself and doesn’t have the self-esteem she should. She is a beautiful person inside and out and I would love to see her treated and pampered the way she deserves.  She has put her social life and dating on the backburner, focusing on her career and the betterment of her students. It’s time she is recognized for all her effort and definitely deserves changes.

Follow Ryan’s Transformation

Ryan will be blogging about her experience working with her fitness trainer, nutritionist, life coach and more so come back for updates and to see her transformation!


Monthly Winners

February 10, 2010

Since the last post we have held six more drawings.  Julie won a membership from Corequest Fitness, Whitney a Fashion Consultation with C2Style, Kim received a Gift Certificate from  Black Tie Transportation which she will use for a special trip she has planned with her girlfriends.

Marianne was a the lucky winner of a Davidson & Licht Gift Certificate, Catherine will be enjoying her free membership at Hikari Dojo and Donna receives TriKaya Coaching from A.R.T. Wellness Studio.

Watch for February drawings from James Brian Fidelibus Photographer and Massimo Ristorante!